Barefoot Driving – Is it illegal in Michigan

Barefoot Driving – Is it illegal in Michigan?

Shoe Enforcement Zone- Barefoot Living

Shoe Enforcement Zone- Barefoot Living

So your driving home from the beach and up ahead you see the sign above.  You look down and realize you forgot to put your shoes on.  Crap what kind of ticket are you going to get for driving barefoot?  Is it careless driving?  Are they worried about your safety?  You remember that cashier at the store warning you that It is illegal to drive barefoot, he must be an expert right?

Don’t worry you are only dreaming.  Shoe enforcement zones only exist in the world of the ignorant.  In Michigan you are safe at least for driving.

According to Michigan State police it is not illegal to drive barefoot in Michigan.  Traffic law does not mention it and in a Field Update that goes to all Law Enforcement departments throughout the state clarifies it as an Urban Legend:

Barefoot Driving: There is nothing in the Michigan Vehicle Code that prohibits barefoot driving. Careless or reckless driving would really be a stretch, as an argument could be made that a barefoot person has more control over the pedals. 

Source: Michigan State Police – Field Update #16 -http://www.michigan.gov/documents/msp/Archived_Field_Updates_Table_203934_7.pdf


  1. Jamie

    I go barefoot most of the time . Anyway if Im driving with shoes on I can’t feel if my foot is actually in contact with the peddle as fast, its hard to explain but there is missing feedback driving with shoes on. Barefoot I know instantly that my foot is in the right place.

  2. Ben

    It’s actually legal to go drive barefoot in all 50 states, and in my opinion much safer than flip-flops and high heels. Flip-flops and high heels can slide and get stuck under carpets and pedals, and studies show that braking speed is reduced. Some states have issued warnings about wearing such footwear and driving.

    As someone else who is barefoot most of the time, I too driving barefoot much safer. I can feel the pedals and know my foot placement.

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