Burning River 100 Update- Full Speed Ahead Training

Burning River 100 Update-
Full Speed Ahead Training

As of today Burning River 100 is only 70 days away.   I had no idea when I signed up for this race what to expect and maybe was a bit crazy.  That was pre-accident, before Mind the Ducks, and before a lot of stuff I had no idea would affect my life.  Its not about the desination as much as it is about the journey to get there. 

Training for BR100 is going better than expected.  After running 100k last week I am feeling quite better than I expected.  I figured I would be so tired from running it that I might not be able to function, but once the first 24-48 hours of healing time occured my body was getting back to normal.  I still have a few spots in the tops of my feet that are swollen and a little sore.  Running the West Michigan Urgent Care 5K yesterday with Lily was a great start to a solid week ahead.  After a week off I am planning a 50-60 mile week.  I will try to plan a night run from Memorial day weekend to run from Dusk to Dawn.  That run will have to be on trail to simulate BR conditions.  Planning these runs is almost as fun as running them.  Even if I run it alone it will be great training.  I haven’t ran at night in a couple of months and that is some really critical hours.

Important Training over the next 70 days (Critique all you want)
1.  HEAT!  BR is at the end of July could be as high as 95 degree or average at 72.  After North Country Trail last year I want to have a lot more miles in the heat before the race.  Guess its time to turn the air off in my car.

2.  Hills, So far my two ultras this spring have been flat, and I hear BR has a hill or two.  With that my time on the trails needs to be spent wisely.  Probably a good idea to run the hills at Cannonsburg Ski Area a few times.

3.  Night Training- I have experience and hopefully will get more at Western States as a pacer this year.  I love night running!

4.  Food, Nutrition has been going okay, but with longer distance between aid stations its going to be tougher to keep the calories up for the day.  I also need to learn to eat just about anything.  So don’t be surprised if you catch me eating spiders, moths, bugs, or worms. 

5.  Nutrition- My wife will be key in helping me keep a rounded diet during the next 70 days.  I have lost about 70 pounds in the last year and half, but the last 30 pounds came off rough with the accident and I lost a lot of upper body strength. 

6.  Core Strength…Lunges are my friend (thanks Jason Robillard for the advice).  My core really took a beating with the recent weightloss.  So its time to work on Abs, back, hips, and groin.  Maybe even a pushup or two.

Well I guess I have my work cut out for me.  Please leave me your tip on what I should do to train for Burning River.

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