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“It’s not about the bike: my journey back to life” by Lance Armstrong

 “It’s not about the bike: my journey back to life” by Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong was just a famous bike rider who won the Tour de France a bunch of times before I listened to this book.  Now he is a cancer survivor who shouldn’t be alive, but beat all odds, and came back to …

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The Four Hour Work Week- Book Review

The Four Hour Work Week

The Four Hour Work Week- Book Review What would you do if you only had to work four hours a week and could travel the globe doing what ever you wanted to do.  Well I would probably go nuts.  Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss was an audio book I decided to listen to after …

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I Choose to SEE ~ Emily

I just finished reading “Choosing to SEE” by Mary Beth Chapman.  I was drawn to reading this book since I had seen it in Baker Book House and Barnes & Noble.  In a way I could relate to it with tragedy striking our family several years ago.  This was written from a Mother’s point of …

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National Running Day Giveaway

Today is National Running Day. I challenge all of you to go for a run. Since we all like prizes. Everyone who leaves me a comment on this blog post will be entered to win a free book! Answer this question: What did you do to celebrate National Running Day? Winner will be picked at …

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24ish at Christmas

Again to Carthage - Quenton Cassidy

I love and hate holiday food.  I am a grazer by nature, so as I see good food I want to eat it.  No matter how long ago I ate, I am still hungry, or at least that is what my eyes tell my brain.  It wouldn’t normal matter, because there is usually not that …

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“The Long Run”- by Matt Long – Audio Book Review

The Long Run- Matt Long

As a fireman, paramedic, and runner, this story is truely inspirational. Matt Long suffers so much and overcomes so much to regain life. Not just breathing, heart beating, or taking up space…

Matt Long has started the “I Will” Foundation for athletes and people that have been injured and want to get back there pre-injury abilities….