Hills, Repeat, Hills, Repeat- Training for Superior 100

Hills, Repeat, Hills, Repeat- Training forSuperior100

To train for a 100 mile race it would seem you would have to run 100 miles in training in one week, but I disagree with that idea.  Last year when I trained for Burning River 100 I racked up some 70 and 80 mile weeks, and that worked well.  To bad the course was flatter than I trained for.  As I put in the miles for the Superior 100 which is just over a month away I am trying to focus more on what the course is going to present to me.  Hills and lots more hills is what I read about online for training.  With only a few 100-150 Ft hills within 20 minutes of my house I have been really focusing on strengthening my legs.  To be able to climb a lot of hills, strength is important, or at least that is what the internet is telling me.  So my training has consisted of this:

30 Minutes on Stair Stepper 1-3 times a week (3am on some days)
Hill Repeats during 5-8 mile runs.  I have three options of courses that have some decent hills.  So I will do anything to add more into them such as Figure 8′s up other trails so I run multiple hills both down and up, without just down and up.  
Long Runs- Well they haven’t been nearly as plentiful as I would like.  I have done two runs over 20 miles since June and I have to long runs planned for the next 3 weeks.  12 hours on a really hilly course and a double marathon on a hilly course with some very technical hills in the middle of each loop.

No other strength training, No Yoga, No Diet, No special anything. I have been averaging over 35 miles a week for some time now with spikes up to 60 miles. 

Overall my training is about enjoying the trail more than pounding the pavement for no reason.  My biggest hurdle is my mind.  Waking up at 3am to jump on a stair machine is torture, but it must be done.  You will have to wait till September 8th (before 10pm) to find out if I made it or not.  If not, this training plan sucked, and won’t get you to the finish of your local 5K.   If I finish than it worked perfectly.  If I won the race, you probably are smoking something.

Any suggestions on what I could do in the last month of training to be prepared for a total Elevation Change of 40,000 feet and over 100 miles of rough rocky trail? 


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  1. Roger Bonga via Facebook

    My max was 85 or 90

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