Mind the Ducks Part 2- “I Hate Running”

Mind the Ducks Part 2- “I Hate Running”

This part is more like a prequel than an actual running report, but you will get why it is important in the end.

A long time ago on a country road far away lived a lanky troll and his beautiful wife.  The troll loved to run and enjoyed spending time pacing the back country roads that lead to his double wide castle on a farm owned by his wife’s family.  Day after day the troll complained about being lonely when he ran, but day after day he heard “I Hate Running” from his beautiful wife.  Over time the loneliness turned into laziness.  She even bought him a K-9 companion to take the pressure of his constant nagging request to join him.

Laziness turned the lanky troll into a sluggard and with the sluggishness came fat and excuses.  No longer did he enjoy the run or the dog.  The dog even grew to resent the troll and run away more often.  The troll and his wife decided to move away from the double wide castle into a more fitting home for a sluggard, and with sidewalks and asphalt the troll became injured.  From knees to shins, and back and neck the troll began to whither away into more of a sluggard… As time went he stopped asking because the answer was always “I hate Running”

One day after watching his offspring flourish and prance around the 1.2 mile course with ease the troll was frustrated and determined.  He vowed never to let “I hate running” impact him any further.  He stopped asking and began to run.  The wife secretly started changing her eating habits not out of jealousy for the troll’s new found love of running, but for other reasons not shared in this story.  The troll didn’t care about injuries, didn’t care about the time it took.  He set his goals of running a marathon to prove to himself he could do anything.

He ran that marathon and along the way he started to watch his beautiful wife turn into a princess.  Not realizing he married into royalty, (His Father in law was more like a Donkey than a frog) he began to ask again if she would join him.  One day she did and even though he still heard “I hate running” it was said with perspiration dripping down her now glowing face.  So each time they went he ignored the “I hate running” and pushed on with her by his side.  It wasn’t always far, but the time was well spent and meaningful.

When the Troll was invited to the 12 hour ball he really didn’t want to go alone, so he invited his princess to go along.  His expectations were low, but her bold announcement came with surprise to her skeptical troll.  She didn’t really even train hard, a few miles here or there when she dropped their off spring off to be brain washed.  She started to get excited yet nervous, and didn’t talk much about it. 

Then the time came to participate in the ball.  You see no matter how much time you run or dance you still have a ball doing it when it is with those you love so much.  Rumors were that at the end of the ball a King and Queen would be named only to those who ran the most miles.  Little did we know another honor was to be awarded this night.  After 12 hours the princess surprised the troll by running more than an ultra marathon and exceeded her goal.  His spirit was strengthened and with it his goal was in sight.  Together they finished a lot more miles together than imagined.  The trumpets sounded and the King and Queen were announced, everyone cheered.  We thought it was over and we were thrilled to have our goals met, but then they sounded the trumpets again and announced that another honor was granted to the Princess and the Troll for most miles by a married couple.  It was so exciting yet the couple couldn’t dance to celebrate because their legs were no longer able to move.

In honor of this special award they were given a very thoughtful award.  A special wine to be enjoyed together, with special wine glasses to enjoy it in, and a very special book written by the court jester… And to this day “I Hate Running” is never to be spoken again…  THE END!

Mind the Ducks Couples Award 2011

Mind the Ducks Couples Award 2011

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  1. Karen

    Pretty cool how much that troll loves the princess. She is blessed to have a prince or troll that encourages and loves and laughs and, well, runs with her. Now the troll and princess can lead long, healthy lives.

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