Outrunning the battery life on your cell phone? Power Solution!

Outrunning the battery life on your cell phone? Power Solution!

Battery Phone Case- AP1201 - Enegizer

Battery Phone Case- AP1201 - Enegizer

Have you said to yourself “I wish my cell phone would last longer while I ran”? I know I have so many times while I am out trail running. There is something about the safety of a cell phone while running in the rugged outdoors. Have you ever killed your cell phone by listening to music, tracking your Nike Plus miles, or updating Facebook while running? Needing more battery life is a big deal.

Thankfully there is a solution to this problem for runners who run farther than the life of their cell phone battery (that does not qualify you as an ultra runner). Energizer Energi to Go makes a phone case with a built in battery to extend the life of your phone when you are on the trail or road.

iPhone users can choose the AP1201 to power their phone while also providing a outer protective rubberized case to all but the screen of the phone. Blackberry and Android phone users are not left out, because Energizer also makes portable battery chargers that will do the same thing for their phones but without the case.

When running the last thing that I wanted was more weight to carry. Minimalist running means minimalist in all fashions. Not wanting to compromise safety I jumped at the chance to test out a product that might be able to outlast my legs. The testing process started with a challenge. Could the Energizer product last long enough to get me through an ultra marathon? The AP1201 specs claimed an Extra 5 hours of battery life for my iPhone 4 and knowing my phone can normally last 12+ hours in everyday non trail conditions I questioned this challenge. I ended up getting two batteries- AP1201 for the first challenge- 100 Miles through a mix of Roads and Trails.

100 Miles: With two easy to change out phone cases and a 30 hour race cut off I questioned if my phone battery would still be alive after the race. I started off the race with a fully charged phone and AP1201 attached to the phone. The second fully charged AP1201 was in my back pack ready whenever I needed it. My usage of the phone was minimal with photos and Facebook updates making up most of my usage. The first battery pack helped my phone last over 18 hours, and after switching out battery packs around mile 76. I was nervous about one AP1201 recharging my phone and making it last for the remaining time. I finished the race in less than 27 hours and I still had enough phone charge left to update my Facebook, take a few photos, but soon after the 28 hour mark the phone was too dead to stay on. The conclusion: 28 hours with two units was impressive. The weight of one AP1201 is 1.9 ounces (55 grams) of added weight and is worth its weight in gold.

50 Miles after using the battery pack daily for three months: Fully charged phone and one three month old AP1201 for 50 miles of really under the trees trail in a very rural area. With cell phone coverage being limited and the trees covering the trail I didn’t expect one unit to keep my phone alive for the distance. The first 50 miles of the 100 miler where not nearly as tough and overgrown as the 50 miles I ran in northern Michigan. Again I didn’t expect one unit to hold the charge, but again I was wrong. From start to finish I checked Facebook, captured video, and texted back and forth with my crew. The phone lasted the 12 ½ hours it took me to run the race and another hour after the race for a total time of 13 ½ hours. I was blown away with the results.

Other factors that came up in the test were moisture and heat. With temps over 95 degrees the battery unit worked without noticing any loss do to the temperatures. It rained a couple of times I was training with the unit and the unit didn’t show any signs of shorting out. It worked well in all conditions.

I continue to use the AP1201 daily to maintain a longer battery life on my iPhone. I use it when I am at work or play. It has a Mini USB plug on it that is compatible with a Blackberry wall charger, or it can be plugged into any USB port with the cord that it comes with. I would recommend this product to anyone who can out run the battery on their iPhone or any the other portable battery chargers if you can outrun any type of cell phone.

Safety is critical when running and having a charged cell phone will help you more than a dead cell phone.

Purchase your own Here- Energizer Energi to Go Portable Case Charger for AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 (Black)

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