Running and Rambling- Blog Review

Running and Rambling- Blog Review

If there is one person that knows more about minimalist shoes than Donald I would be surprised.  Donald has been blogging about running for a since October 2005.  Since then he has covered everything from Spelling bees to ultra marathons.  As author, an athlete, writer, and ultra distance runner, Donald has plenty of content to write about.  After reading his blog for the last year, it seems that he has reviewed almost every minimalist running shoe, or endurance product. 

What really is fun about his blog that kept me reading, was his passion for Soft Star Shoes.  When I decided to run Burning River 100 this summer in the RunAmoc Dash shoes I called Soft Star Shoes to ask if anyone had, and they referred me to Donald.  Just weeks before I completed my race, Donald became the first runner to run 100 miles in any Soft Star Product.  He deserved the honor (if there was one).

Running and Rambling is updated many times a week.  The content is always fresh and there is plenty of good scenic photography.  Donald’s continued passion for good ultra running products is a great resource for any minimalist runner wanting to learn everything there is to know about the subject.

What is your favorite article about Minimalist running?

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