Sport Wax- No Chafing allowed!

Sport Wax- No Chafing allowed!

SportWax by makers of Surgeon's Skin Secret, running lube,

SportWax by makers of Surgeon's Skin Secret,

Chafing just plan sucks!  I don’t care how far you run, because when you get done the last thing you want is rash under your arms, thighs, or worse than those, bloody nipples.  I was one of those runners that used to laugh at runners when they came across the finish line with blood stains on their shirt from the bleeding nipples below.  That was until I experience them myself last year at the Grand Rapids Marathon

During only 4 hours of running my precious nipples were a bleeding mess.  For days after they were sensitive to any type of covering.  Sure they make Nip Gaurds, but I hadn’t ever experience bloody nips before.  Other areas were really sore as well, and I thought I had protected them with tradional vasoline, but I was wrong. 

This year I was given a 2.5oz Stick of Sportwax from the makers of Surgeon’s Skin Secret and found more than a tube of wax.  From 50 miles in Florida to the 129 laps around the pond in New York, Sport Wax protected not just me, but my wife as well.  My main fear in racing is blisters so I apply it to my feet before any long run of 15 miles or more and after running barefoot for any length of time.  The natural feel of wax confirms you have it applied, and the lack of blisters after the run is confirmation of its success.  Other areas I apply it to is my thighs, groin, inside of my upper arms, and nipples.

If asked what is one of my main tools for ultra running, Sport Wax is in my top 5 of must haves.  One great thing about Sport Wax that I just learned when researching its orgins tonight is they are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Relief for post barefoot running is another one of this products benifits.  After a long run on rugged terain my feet do get a little sore.  Earlier this year after running just 3 miles on uncleaned trail I thought my feet were screwed up for the following days Trail Marathon, but it wasn’t.  After returning home and washing my feet I gave them a coat of SportWax and by morning they the skin soreness had reduced to a managable level, so I reapplied and proceeded to run almost 40 miles in shoes the following day. 

So in closing, if you don’t want bloody nipples, chapped groin, or a nice rash between your thighs, put down the tub of vasoline and pick up a stick of SportWax! -Click here for more information about SportWax

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