Terra Plana and Vivobarefoot going their separate ways


I received this letter and just wanted to pass it along.  What it means exactly is yet to be determined.  Vivobarefoot has been one of the leaders in the minimalist shoe evolution.  Lee is a respected teacher of the form and function behind healthy running.  What do you know about this?

Dear Brandon,  

This is to announce that Terra Plana and VIVOBAREFOOT are going their separate ways. For the foreseeable future terraplana.com will be re-directed to vivobarefoot.com.

Terra Plana created VIVOBAREFOOT in 2003, and over the years many iterations of the barefoot shoe revolution have been developed.  Today the VIVOBAREFOOT patented, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole exists on the most complete barefoot collection in the world with a full range of Performance, Lifestyle and Kids shoes.

VIVOBAREFOOT has established itself along with Lee Saxby as the authority on healthy barefoot movement. The first VIVOBAREFOOT Experience store opened in Covent Garden, London this year, and more are set to open all over the world.

VIVOBAREFOOT and Terra Plana will forever be connected, and there are some exciting new developments afoot as to what direction Terra Plana will be heading.

But for now, please visit VIVOBAREFOOT.com for all your barefoot shoe needs and vivobarefoot.trainingclinic.com for information and educational materials on the joy of injury-free barefoot movement.

Long Live Barefoot! 

Galahad Clark
Managing Director

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