The Four Hour Work Week- Book Review

The Four Hour Work Week- Book Review

The Four Hour Work Week

The Four Hour Work Week

What would you do if you only had to work four hours a week and could travel the globe doing what ever you wanted to do.  Well I would probably go nuts.  Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss was an audio book I decided to listen to after I started hearing about how its ideas changed peoples ideas and concept of retirement and work.

If you could spend live like you are retired when you are thirty instead of waiting till you are 60 how much better would it be.  What does it take to become the “New Rich”.  At first I thought this book was foolish.  Truelly another book about someones gimic to get rich quick.  I am pretty sceptical when it comes to getting rich quick, and believe hard work will get you places, but will it?  My views of work have been installed and supported since the beginning of my life.  Knowing only hard work and sacrifice of family and friends to work myself to retirement was the only perspective I have ever known.  This book was a huge shocker for me.  Kinda like who Jesus was to the Jews.  I am not saying that the Four Hour Work Week is the next savior, but I am saying that the perspective it puts on the world is 180 degrees from the norm.

The book asks a lot of questions about “If you only had 1 day to live, how would you live it?” and “If you had a gun pointed to your head and you had to get rid of everything you owned, how would you do it”.  Very unique questions about material belongings.  “STUFF” that you have worked your entire life for, but don’t have time to enjoy it.  The main priciple in the book is not creating more time in an already busy life, but simplifing your life, prioritizing your life, and making sure that 20% off your life isn’t controlling 80% of your personal satistfaction.  From goal setting, to vagabond traveling the subject of minimalist life is described and case studies of successful “New Rich” are disected. 

The principles of the book are simplified and given in a way you can learn them.  Two of the main principles I am trying to apply are the 80/20 rule and setting goals and achieving them when I am young and have the energy to achieve them.  How I do it will be helped by many of the tips and suggestions the book provides. 

One of my dreams is Dancing with my wife on top of a Mountain 
One of my dreams is taking my Daughter on a Date in Europe
One of my dreams  is traveling to Third World Country for a Month and working for a Mission Organization with my Family.
One  of my dreams is running across America
One of my dreams is Flying an Airplane

These are my dreams… What are yours?

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