To Tri or not to Tri?- Longing for validation

To Tri or not to Tri?- Longing for validation

As I look ahead to 2012 my race schedule weighs heavy on my mind.  I want to press on towards the goal of completing 50 Ultras in 50 States yet I also want to continue to push my body mind and spirit to new levels.  For some reason I don’t feel validated.  I know I am a runner, but I don’t feel like an athlete.  There is something inside me that says to keep looking. 

I have been listening to an audio book “You are an Ironman” by Jacques Steinberg about six “weekend” warriors who chased their dreams to become an Ironman.  As a little boy I remember watching coverage on TV of the Ironman.  I remember that feeling of “That would be amazing”, but never actually thinking I could do it.  I might sound arrogant, or boastful, what I want to say.  I can do an Ironman.  I don’t think it would be easy, but after running 100 miles in well under the cutoff my first time out, and running 50 miles wired shut I feel an Ironman seems doable. 

My biggest fear is taking away from running Ultras, but I know that is an excuse.  I am not afraid of the water.  Heck I can jump in the pool and swim for at least an hour without much thought.  The bike seems simple enough.  Last year I rode back and forth to work (60 miles round trip) without any thought.  A marathon is just a long training run.  So why not?

Why not get the Ironman distance out of the way and know that “Brandon Mulnix you are an Ironman”?  Thankfully the training for an Ironman is total body training.  I need that right now.  I could run everyday if I had time, but the only thing that gets stronger is my legs.  Biking isn’t hard except for the fact I don’t have a bike I would feel comfortable on for 100 miles.  That is fixable after the first of the year.  I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I want to be comfortable.  A wetsuit?  I will need one for the open water swim (which I have never done). 

I will have to remember exactly what I am training for this summer.  My #1 race for the summer isSuperior100 miler in September only 2 weeks after the Grand Rapids 140.2 Ironman Distance Triathlon.

Problem #1- Completing a Half Ironman Distance race before- Grand Rapids Triathlon is hosting a ½ distance on June 10th, which is great because its 2 months before the Michigan Iron distance inGrand Rapids the end of August.  The major problem is that the race is one week after the Kettle Moraine 100 mile race inWisconsin.  Is it possible for me to recover in a week enough to complete (just finish) the ½ Ironman distance 6 days later?

Wow… Looks like I have a lot to ponder.


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  1. Marnie

    Good luck in whatever you decide! You are admirably ambitious! Sounds like the total body training would be awesome.
    Marnie recently posted..Simple Treadmill Speed WorkoutMy Profile

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