When Nature calls- Baby Wipes are not just for ultra runners

When Nature calls- Baby Wipes are not just for ultra runners

Imagine you are running, hiking, or strolling through the woods, desert, or local mall and Nature Calls!  This time you can’t let it go to voice mail because the last time you did that you ended up in the hospital with a bill ten times the cost of a plumber.  Since you can’t find a Porta Lu (Australian for John) or public bathroom you find a tree just wide enough to cover your nether regions.  Oh crap wheres the toilet paper when you need it?

That is where baby wipes can save your life!  I am serious about your life.  Baby wipes have this wonderful lotion that moistens when it cleans and leaves you fresher than before you used them.  I always forget to take them with me to the mall, but I try to never forget them when I am on a run.  Traditional 2 ply TP always gets wet and soggy from the sweat so you need a plastic bag.  I found the travel size of Pampers Sensitive Wipes works great.  12 wipes gives you 12 opportunities to get it right before you pull up your shorts and head on your way.  Its hard to carry enough TP unless you want to bring the entire roll.  Also at only about 18 cents a wipe or $1.99 per pack who wouldn’t want a fresh clean bottom as you continue about your way.

So next time you are running, hiking, or strolling through Walmart make sure you have your Pampers Sensitive Wipes!

Runner Approved!

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